I‘m Thorsten, a conceptual developer, specializing in B2B brands. I think. I create. I text. I eat. I love.

Let‘s work together and create something that really matters!

What I’m doing

Every brand deserves to be taken care of. And that‘s what we are going to do!

We will elaborate your brand‘s strengths, get rid of your weaknesses – and what‘s crucial: Figure out what your brand has to tell in a digital world.

Love it. Change it.
Love it more.

With whom I work

To be honest: I love technical brands. The hidden champions. Those that do remarkable things with seemingly unremarkable products.

Here are some amazing brands I‘ve worked with throughout my journey.

The Good

I use my brain as well as my heart.

To create a digital brand strategy that hits the heart and stays in the mind. Based on a thorough analysis, strategic thinking and the love for good ideas and asthetic design I create brands that are distinguished and memorable.

The Bad

I‘m impatient, always striving for the new, the better, the most amazing.

In fact I’m hardly satisfied, but that’s what let’s me do what I do best.

The Relevant

I have 10+ years of experience in brand development, brand management and creative direction.

So let‘s say I kind of know what I‘m doing, though I’m happy to learn new things every day.

One last thing

I don’t work for assholes, I don’t work with assholes.

Not convinced, yet?

Okay, hold on and have a look at my portfolio.

My portfolio will be available online soon. If you are interested in receiving some work samples feel free to drop me a line!